The Skrzatusz Annals vol. X 2022


      Editor: ks. dr Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Contents: 00_spis_tresci.pdf
      Year of publication: 2022
      Number of pages: 332
      ISBN: 978-83-951615-8-2
      ISBN: 978-83-7789-651-8
      ISSN: 2300-8296


      Author: Janusz Lemański
      Title: „Thus I show you are to bless the Israelites”. Aaron’s blessing (Num 6,22–27),
                its sources and meaning
      Number of pages: 13-36
      Full text: 01_janusz_lemanski.pdf

      Author: Paweł Wojtalewicz
      Title: Legal duties and tasks in the liturgical and pastoral field as well as privileges
                of the minor basilica in Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 37-49
      Full text: 02_pawel_wojtalewicz.pdf

      Author: Tomasz Tomaszewski
      Title: Relationships of the Second Synod of the Koszalin-Kolobrzeg (Kołobrzeg)
                Diocese with the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows in Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 51-63
      Full text: 03_tomasz_tomaszewski.pdf

      Author: Krzysztof Zadarko
      Title: On defamation and slanderers – Skrzatusz Sermon on “Sixty-ninth”
      Number of pages: 65-85
      Full text: 04_krzysztof_zadarko.pdf

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Skrzatusz in the light
                of the visitation from 1831
      Number of pages: 87-106
      Full text: 05_tadeusz_ceynowa.pdf

      Author: Jarosław Wąsowicz
      Title: Crosses on the censored. The repression of the communist authorities against
                Fr. Michał Winiarz, SDB, for putting up mission crosses in the parish of Assumption
                of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Skrzatusz in the jubilee year 1966 (source edition)
      Number of pages: 107-119
      Full text: 06_jaroslaw_wasowicz.pdf

      Author: Zygmunt Czaja
      Title: Educational presence of the Sanctuary of the Thrice-Wonderful Mother
                on Góra Chełmska in Koszalin
      Number of pages: 121-137
      Full text: 07_zygmunt_czaja.pdf

      Author: Marek Fijałkowski
      Title: Only trees remained… History of the Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist
                and St. John the Evangelist in Pila (Piła)
      Number of pages: 139-164
      Full text: 08_marek_fijalkowski.pdf

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Calendar of Skrzatusz sanctuary in 2021
      Number of pages: 165-174
      Full text: 09_tadeusz_ceynowa.pdf


      Author: Alicja Bartosiewicz
      Title: Activities of the Diocesian Branch of the Society of the Friends of the Catholic
                University of Lublin in Koszalin
      Number of pages: 177-200
      Full text: 10_alicja_bartosiewicz.pdf

      Author: Anna Grzybowska
      Title: Activities of the Bishop’s Committee to Aid People Deprived of Freedom
                and their Families in the Koszalin-Kolobrzeg (Kołobrzeg) Diocese
      Number of pages: 201-220
      Full text: 11_anna_grzybowska.pdf

      Author: Edwin Klessa
      Title: Characteristics of Edwin Klessa’s philatelic collection devoted to NSZZ “Solidarność”
      Number of pages: 221-233
      Full text: 12_edwin_klessa.pdf

      Author: Paweł Mielnik
      Title: The human person in the face of selected ethical problems in the philosophy of Robert Spaemann
      Number of pages: 235-262
      Full text: 13_pawel_mielnik.pdf

      Author: Andrzej Rybak
      Title: Picture of the Koszalin-Kolobrzeg (Kołobrzeg) Church in the relations of the Głos Pomorza
                and Głos Koszaliński, 1972–1989
      Number of pages: 263-290
      Full text: 14_andrzej_rybak.pdf

      Reviews and reports

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Newsletter of the work of native Catholics from the Free Prelature of Pila (Piła)
                (The Frontier March of Posen–West Prussia) Christmas 2 (2021)
      Number of pages: 293-294
      Full text: 15_tadeusz_ceynowa.pdf

      Author: Paweł Mąkosa
      Title: Publishing review of a multi-author monograph entitled Ten words. Topicality
                of John Paul II’s teaching on the 30th anniversary of the IV Pilgrimage to the Homeland
                prepared under the editorship of Fr. Dr. Radosław Mazur
      Number of pages: 295-296
      Full text: 16_pawel_makosa.pdf

      Author: Edwin Klessa
      Title: XXXVIII Christian Culture Week in Trzcianka
      Number of pages: 296-298
      Full text: 17_edwin_klessa.pdf

      Author: Zachariasz Mosakowski
      Title: MillPOLstone workshop in Koszalin, September 1–2, 2021
      Number of pages: 298-300
      Full text: 18_zachariasz_mosakowski.pdf

      Author: Barbara Wójcik, Marek Marciniec
      Title: 400 years of the Miracle of “Skrzatusz Lady”
      Number of pages: 301-304
      Full text: 19_barbara_wojcik_marek_marciniec.pdf


      Annex 1
      Title: Homily of Bishop Edward Dajczak delivered during the Diocesan Youth Meeting
                in Skrzatusz, September 18, 2021
      Number of pages: 307-310
      Full text: 20_edward_dajczak.pdf

      Annex 2
      Title: Homily of Bishop Edward Dajczak delivered during the diocesan pilgrimage
                to Skrzatusz on September 19, 2021
      Number of pages: 310-314
      Full text: 21_edward_dajczak.pdf

      Annex 3
      Title: Decree to rename the Roman Catholic Church in Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 314
      Full text: 22_dekret.pdf

      Annex 4
      Title: Photographs
      Number of pages: 315-332
      Full text: 23_fotografie.pdf

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