The Skrzatusz Annals vol. IX 2021


      Editor: ks. dr Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Contents: 00_spis_tresci.pdf
      Year of publication: 2021
      Number of pages: 292
      ISBN: 978-83-951615-8-2
      ISBN: 978-83-7789-651-8
      ISSN: 2300-8296


      Author: Janusz Lemański
      Title: God’s Mountain: Sinai and/or Horeb?
      Number of pages: 13-25
      Full text: 01_janusz_lemanski.pdf

      Author: Tomasz Siemieniec
      Title: Is the mariological interpretation of the figure of “woman” in Revelation 12 still justified?
      Number of pages: 27-45
      Full text: 02_tomasz_siemieniec.pdf

      Author: Janusz Bujak
      Title: St. Joseph – Patron of the Universal Church in selected documents of the Holy See
      Number of pages: 47-60
      Full text: 03_janusz_bujak.pdf

      Author: Krzysztof Zadarko
      Title: From a collection of Skrzatusz sermons – Sermon on the ninth Sunday after sending the Holy Spirit
                (Dom. IX. p: P.)

      Number of pages: 61-77
      Full text: 04_krzysztof_zadarko.pdf

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Report of the Commission sent to the village of Skrzetusz on the miracles of the statue of B.M.V.
      Number of pages: 79-92
      Full text: 05_tadeusz_ceynowa.pdf

      Author: Roland Prejs
      Title: The capuchins episode in Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 93-100
      Full text: 06_roland_prejs.pdf

      Author: Jarosław Wąsowicz
      Title: Fr Lech Kasperowicz SDB (1953–2020) curator of the sanctuary and parish priest in Skrzatusz
                in years 1987–1992, organizer of the coronation ceremony
      Number of pages: 101-122
      Full text: 07_jaroslaw_wasowicz.pdf

      Author: Marek Fijałkowski
      Title: Votive plaques from the Church of All Saints in Biala (Biała) near Trzcianka
      Number of pages: 123-137
      Full text: 08_marek_fijalkowski.pdf

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Calendar of Skrzatusz sanctuary in 2020
      Number of pages: 139-144
      Full text: 09_tadeusz_ceynowa.pdf


      Author: Henryk Romanik
      Title: Protestant pulpits in gothic Churches in Osieki and Sucha Koszalinska (Sucha Koszalińska)
      Number of pages: 147-164
      Full text: 10_henryk_romanik.pdf

      Author: Beata Klimaszewska
      Title: Formation and activity of Bare Carmelite in Borne Sulinowo
      Number of pages: 165-186
      Full text: 11_beata_klimaszewska.pdf

      Author: Anna Grzybowska
      Title: Establishmen of the Bishop’s Committee to Aid People Deprived of Freedom and Their Families
                in the Koszalin-Kolobrzeg (Kołobrzeg) Diocese
      Number of pages: 187-209
      Full text: 12_anna_grzybowska.pdf

      Author: Andrzej Rybak
      Title: The image of the Apostolic See and the Pope in the relations of the Głos Pomorza
                and the Głos Koszaliński, 1972–1989
      Number of pages: 211-241
      Full text: 13_andrzej_rybak.pdf

      Reviews and reports

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Newsletter of the work of native Catholics from the Free Prelature of Pila (Piła)
                (The Frontier March of Posen–West Prussia) Christmas 1 (2020)
      Number of pages: 245-246
      Full text: 14_tadeusz_ceynowa.pdf

      Author: Bernard Kołodziej
      Title: Publishing review of the book: Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński. Primate, Man of State, Blessed,
                 edited by Fr. Dr. Tadeusz Ceynowa, Radom–Koszalin 2021, pp. 190
      Number of pages: 247-250
      Full text: 15_bernard_kolodziej.pdf

      Author: Dariusz Kwiatkowski
      Title: Fr. Janusz Bujak, „Go to Joseph” (Genesis 41:55). Teaching the Popes about St. Joseph.
                From Blessed Pius IX to Franciszek, Pallottinum, Poznan (Poznań) 2021, pp. 238
      Number of pages: 251-253
      Full text: 16_dariusz_kwiatkowski.pdf

      Author: Edwin Klessa
      Title: 75 years of the Congregation of the Missionary Fathers of Saletin in Trzcianka
      Number of pages: 253-259
      Full text: 17_edwin_klessa.pdf

      Author: Jarosław Wąsowicz
      Title: A visit to the Museum of the Second World War
      Number of pages: 259-264
      Full text: 18_jaroslaw_wasowicz.pdf


      Annex 1
      Title: Homily of bishop Edward Dajczak delivered during the Diocesan Youth Meeting in Skrzatusz,
                September 19, 2020
      Number of pages: 267-270
      Full text: 19_edward_dajczak.pdf

      Annex 2
      Title: The homily of the Bishop Tadeusz Lityński delivered during the Holy Mass celebrated on the occasion
                of indulgence and diocesan pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows in Skrzatusz,
                with the announcement of the title of minor basilica, Skrzatusz, September 20, 2020
      Number of pages: 270-273
      Full text: 20_tadeusz_litynski.pdf

      Annex 3
      Title: Decree to erect a Pilgrim’s House in Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 274
      Full text: 21_dekret.pdf

      Annex 4
      Title: Decree to rename the Roman Catholic Church in Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 275
      Full text: 22_dekret.pdf

      Annex 5
      Title: Decree to rename the Roman Catholic Church in Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 276
      Full text: 23_dekret.pdf

      Annex 6
      Title: Photographs
      Number of pages: 277-292
      Full text: 24_fotografie.pdf

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